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Impact of Coronavirus on Travel

Since March of 2020, Coronavirus has ruined the planet. Millions have gotten sick, many thousands have lost their lives, and full economies are stopped working. In mere a matter of weeks, entire countries fully locked themselves down and closed their borders to guests.

Trip to Rajasthan

The wonder of Rajasthan is a variety of heritage and passive modernity. As you explore towering forts, fairy-tale palaces, and widespread bazaars, you realize that Rajasthan holds its history on the brink of its heart. It is a magical destination that comes alive when you witness camel bartering, twirling moustaches, and intricate handicrafts. Rajasthan translates to ‘Land of Kings’ and rightfully so.

Desert of Rajasthan

The Best Experience Ever

Hello, I’m Ankita Khandelwal, welcome you to the travelbooks. I’m glad you just have visited this website while planning for a visit. Before I begin to talk about this website, I might wish to speak regarding myself and therefore the way I became a travel blogger. I simply wanted to visualize the globe, experiencing all the cultures and folks the globe needs to offer, but as you all know, this type of dream requires money and time, and that I had neither of these.
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