Hello, I’m Ankita khandelwal, welcome you to the travelbooks. I’m glad you just have visited this website while planning for a visit.
Before I begin to talk about this website, I might wish to speak regarding myself and therefore the way I became a travel blogger.
I simply wanted to visualize the globe, experiencing all the cultures and folks the globe needs to offer, but as you all know, this type of dream requires money and time, and that I had neither of these.

But eventually, my first trip happened in 2005 to Kullu and Manali followed by 2nd trip that took a longer time than I expected which happened in 2012 to Goa. Then life has given me a chance to travel on a world trip to Bali, Indonesia in 2019.
Broken Beach, Nusapenida Island, Bali, Indonesia

This travel expertise modified my thoughts and push me to jot down regarding personal travel expertise as a blogger.
Travelbooks was registered on April 22nd, 2021 with the mission to assist you to intend your travel and ease the strain of travel planning and therefore the unknown by providing you the knowledge you would like in order that you’ll enjoy your trip to the fullest while even be an area of travel knowledge where you’ll learn from my past experiences and mistakes.


If you’ve ever wished to seek out how to travel on a low budget, expertise the native aspect of a destination, and switch your dream trip into a reality, you’re within the proper place. My blogs will offer you road-tested tips, advice, and suggestions so you’ll see more for fewer.

On this website you’ll find:

How do decide on a destination?
How to reach your dream destination?
How to plan a visit on a low budget?
Travel tips will be applied to any destination within the world.

Every day I awaken with one goal in mind: “How am I able to help people travel better for less?” The mission here is to supply the foremost comprehensive than the other website out there.

Every place, hotel, restaurant, or attraction has been personally visited by me (or one among my guest columnists), and that we pay our own way. We sleep in dorms and budget hotels, wait hours for buses, try those roadside street stalls, and test travel passes to ascertain if they really do economize. We roll in the hay a bit like you’d – because, like you, we’re real travelers looking to ascertain the world.
My blogs are about showing you what it’s adored on the road – not some glossy ad for a travel brand.